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Insurance for Beauticians


Looking for public liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover your home, mobile or freelance beauty therapist business? Marsh helps beauticians, just like you, arrange insurance that meets the unique risks exposures of the Australian beauty industry.


What insurance do I need as a beautician?

Just as your job is to make your customers look and feel confident in their own skin, having the right insurance can ensure that your business feels confident in being protected from the unexpected.

Beauticians can work with many customers and provide a wide range of services daily and sometimes things may go wrong. Although there are various insurance options available, depending on the types of risks a business is exposed to, commonly the two most important covers beauticians should consider are professional indemnity and public liability.



Professional Indemnity Insurance

A key part of your job as a beautician is to provide professional beauty services and advice to your customers. Sometimes, mishaps can occur, and your business may be at risk of negligent business practice claims.

Suppose a customer suffers an infection during a treatment, or they have an allergic reaction to the facial scrub you have used. In these situations, depending the circumstances a beautician could be liable for the subsequent medical costs that come as a result.

Professional indemnity insurance can help cover beauticians for these types of claims, ensuring that the insured is protected against allegations of professional duty breaches, providing unfitting advice or negligence from a third party, even if you are not at fault.

Public Liability Insurance

As a beautician, you are regularly interacting in close contact with your customers, whether at home, on the go or in a salon. If a customer or third party claims that they were injured or their property was damaged whilst under your service, you could be liable for any medical, legal or damage expenses that occur as a result.

For example, a customer claims that they have suffered burns from incorrectly used chemical peels due to a face mask applied by you during a session. They are requesting compensation for related medical expenses as a result of these injuries. To defend yourself from these allegations, you may subsequently incur legal costs as well. Public liability insurance can help protect beauticians from these types of third-party injuries and property damage claims.

The claims examples on this website are for illustrative purposes only. The circumstances of a claim and the policy’s full terms, conditions and exclusions would determine coverage for a specific claim.





We provide insurance for a range of beauty services

Cosmetic Tattooing/ Permanent Makeup




Cosmetic Laser

Nail Treatments (Manicures and Pedicures)


Eyelash services

Spray Tanning

Body Massages

Spa Treatments

Hair Services





Don’t just smooth over your insurance, firm up with cover arranged by Marsh

Competitively priced insurance for Beauticians

Marsh have negotiated competitive premiums for the industry to deliver public liability and professional indemnity insurance to help cover beauticians and their business.

A service team who are immersed in the industry

With over 10 years of experience servicing the beauty industry, our specialised broking team understand the unique risk exposures faced by beauticians and offer general risk advice.

Ongoing support and claims advocacy

In addition to obtaining quotations and placing your beautician insurance policy, we can also help manage, negotiate and settle claims with insurers on your behalf.



Things to keep an eye out for

We know that the price of your insurance premium is a substantial factor when choosing between policies. However, it is essential that you also consider other key features when carrying out a side-by-side comparison.

Insurance providers can base a policy’s premium on the risks they take on and having a high number of exclusions can reduce these risks, which should result in a lower premium. Hence, you should thoroughly assess the policy terms in advance, to make sure that the cover you are considering is appropriate for your business’s individual needs.

As a beautician, you require the right skills, products and treatments in order to make your customers look and feel flawless. Likewise, you too should make sure you have the right policy that will allow your business to feel protected and confident.

Our team at Marsh will assist you by negotiating competitive premium prices and insurance cover. We work with insurance providers to ensure that the offered policy is designed to suit the insurance needs of beauticians.

Why do beauticians need insurance?

When it comes to all things beauty, customers know they’re in good hands with you. However, even with all your expertise, as a beauty therapist, there is a range of significant risk exposures involved in treating and providing advice to customers. These risks exposures are especially heightened when beauticians work with chemicals and sharp equipment.

Arranging professional indemnity and public liability insurance can act as a proactive measure to seek to ensure you’re covered for some of the unique risk exposures of the beauty industry. Also, if you are renting a salon or other premises, the property owner, as an interested party, may ask you to produce a copy of your public liability certificate of currency before approving your lease of the premise.



Frequently asked questions

Does Marsh offer monthly payment options for beautician insurance?

Yes, we can organise monthly instalments* though premium funders provided you meet certain criteria. To request monthly payments, please call us on 1800 640 210 or fill out our contact form.

*Interest and additional fees may be applicable. Terms and conditions apply.

Am I still covered if I add another service to my beauty business?

If you add another service to your business, all you need to do is let us know, and we can advise if your current coverage is still correct or if amendments will need to be made and additional costs apply. 

My beauty business is operated from my own home. Do I still need insurance?

Even if you own a home beauty business, the risks are just as prevalent as if you worked from a salon. Accidents can still occur within your own home, which could open you to allegations of improper advice, professional negligence and more. Marsh’s recommendation that home beauticians consider both professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance are still highly applicable to these businesses.

How do I get a Certificate of currency?

Once your cover has been successfully purchased, we can issue a Certificate of Currency.

If you’re an existing customer, click here to request your Certificate of Currency, Policy Wording or Tax Invoice.



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