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Insurance for Personal Trainers & Fitness Professionals

Whether you’re a personal trainer, yoga teacher, or other specialised fitness professional, Marsh can arrange professional indemnity and public liability insurance to help you stay covered from the unexpected.  


Fitness Professionals Insurance

Two coverage options to suit your business needs 

Standard cover* 

✔ $10 million Public Liability cover 

✔ $10 million Product Liability cover

✔ $10 million Professional Indemnity cover 

✔ Coverage Australia wide

✔ Tailored cover for the fitness industry

Plus cover*

✔ $20 million Public Liability cover 

✔ $20 million Product Liability cover

✔ $10 million Professional Indemnity cover 

✔ Coverage Australia wide

✔ Tailored cover for the fitness industry

*Subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy

What Insurance do I need as a Personal Trainer?

Whether you work on a full-time or casual basis, in a gym or local park, with one client or with groups, all trainers run the risk of an accident occurring regardless of experience, location or specialised skillset. Having in place appropriate public liability, professional indemnity and gym insurance can help minimise the risk of a negative financial impact on your business if a claim against you ever arose.

Additionally, it is common for third parties such as gyms and local councils to seek proof of public liability insurance cover before providing a personal trainer with access to their property or community park.

Nearly two-thirds of Australians exercise at least 100 minutes per fortnight1 and with the fitness professional industry expected to grow by 21,000 jobs in the next few years2 , the industry is certainly growing. However, it also means that the risk of claims made against personal trainers may increase.

Obtaining adequate public liability and professional indemnity insurance can help protect you and help provide peace of mind as you focus on helping your clients achieve their fitness goals.


1 Source: https://www.ibisworld.com/au/industry/personal-trainers/4195/
2 Source: https://fiteducation.edu.au/personal-training-employment-statistics/



Policy wording and important information

The information provided on this page is a summary only, please read the policy wording and important notices.




Public Liability Insurance

Whether you’ve had two months of experience as a personal trainer or been in the industry for years, accidents can happen to anyone of us.  That’s why having contingency plans in place, such as public liability cover is so important. 

Public liability insurance can help protect you as a personal trainer against financial losses if a third party claims that they’ve sustained an injury or their property has been damaged due to your negligent business activities.  Even when you are not at fault, you may still incur significant legal costs when defending such claims. As a self-employed professional, such liability risks may also put your personal assets and finances at stake.

Take for instance, a personal trainer left their weights out on the gym floor, and a fellow gym-goer tripped over them, injuring their ankle. As a result, the trainer may be liable for the associated injury expenses.

Small business owners, including specialised fitness professionals, owe a “duty of care” to their clients to ensure reasonable steps are put in place for their safety and, additionally, for the safety of other third parties. As negligence lawsuits can be unpredictable and very costly, public liability insurance is highly recommended to help cover the cost of compensation for third-party injury or property damage and  legal fees incurred in defending the claim.

Professional Indemnity Insurance 

As a personal trainer, providing advice to your clients is a key core component of your everyday job. However, providing advice  can also open your business up to the risk of negligence lawsuits or claims. 

Professional indemnity insurance can help cover personal trainers and their business if a client suffers a loss, injury or damage to their property as a result of the trainer's advice or service. Without professional indemnity insurance, a personal trainer could be liable for the associated claim legal fees and compensation payments.

As a fitness professional, there are several situations that might put you at risk of a professional indemnity claim, such as:

  • Failing to take a client’s medical history or conduct a sound health assessment
  • Inadequate supervision during a client session
  • Failing to take adequate measures to prevent injury
  • Pushing clients beyond their capacity
  • Failing to warn clients of the potential dangers of certain exercises



Arrange Fitness Professional Insurance online with Marsh!

Already trusted by 4000+ Fitness professionals 

With over 10 years’ experience supporting the fitness industry, Marsh offer competitively priced insurance to suit the risk needs of the fitness industry.

No association membership requirements 

Not a member of a fitness association? No worries. You are not required to be a member of a fitness association to take out insurance cover online arranged by Marsh.

Cover to suit a diverse range of fitness specialties

From Tai Chi to Bootcamps, we offer business insurance that covers a variety of fitness professions. Check out the complete list below. 



Need to arrange studio or gym insurance?

Marsh also offers studio and gym insurance to help cover your property from damage and theft risks. Give our team a call on 1300 130 373 or complete our online contact form, and one of our dedicated brokers will reach out to arrange a tailored insurance quote for your gym or studio.

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Fitness Professions and Specialities we support

Yoga Instructors

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Tai Chi



Aqua Aerobics


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Pre & Post Natal Classes

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Do I need to be a member of a fitness association to take out insurance arranged by Marsh?

No, Marsh is happy to advise that fitness professionals do not need to be a member of an industry association in order to take out insurance arranged by us, however, certain minimum qualifications apply .

Where does this policy cover me to train clients?

A fitness professional insurance policy arranged by Marsh can cover you Australia wide.

Fitness professionals can also train at a variety of venues as part of their insurance policy arranged by Marsh, including indoor gyms, outdoor at parks or hired community halls or at a client’s home.

If you are still unsure, you can contact our team on 1300 130 373, who can help answer any questions you may have about available insurance cover.

What qualifications are required before I can take out insurance cover online arranged by Marsh?

Fitness professionals must hold a minimum of a Certificate 3 or 4 in fitness from an Australian registered training organisation before taking out their insurance cover arranged by Marsh.

Fitness professionals must also have an available copy of their business risk management procedures for:

  • First Aid
  • Blood spillage and Iinfectious disease
  • Inspection of equipment and safety
  • Emergency procedures in the event of serious injury
  • Training with pregnant clients


*The price is for one year standard cover with $10M public and products liability, $10M professional indemnity cover. The price includes premium, statutory charges, and broker fee. Some small businesses can claim an exemption from NSW stamp duty which can reduce the pricing shown above. The price includes a 1.0% debit/credit card administration fee. In order to arrange cover online you will need to meet certain underwriting criteria and make payment with a debit/credit card (American Express, MasterCard or Visa). The price, while accurate at the time of publication, is subject to change.

Please Note: This policy is underwritten by XL Insurance Company SE, Australia branch. Marsh Advantage Insurance acts under a binding authority on behalf of XL Insurance Company SE, Australia branch and not on your behalf.

Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 31 081 358 303, AFSL 238369) (“MAI”) arrange this insurance and is not the insurer. The Discretionary Trust Arrangement is issued by the Trustee, JLT Group Services Pty Ltd (ABN 26 004 485 214, AFSL 417964) (“JGS”). JGS is part of the Marsh group of companies. Any advice in relation to the Discretionary Trust Arrangement is provided by JLT Risk Solutions Pty Ltd (ABN 69 009 098 864, AFSL 226 827) which is a related entity of MAI. The cover provided by the Discretionary Trust Arrangement is subject to the Trustee’s discretion and/or the relevant policy terms, conditions and exclusions. This website contains general information, does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs and may not suit your personal circumstances. For full details of the terms, conditions and limitations of the covers and before making any decision about whether to acquire a product, refer to the specific policy wordings and/or Product Disclosure Statements available from Marsh Advantage Insurance on request.