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Insurance for Massage Therapists

Need public liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover your massage therapy business? Marsh can help home, mobile and professional massage therapists like you, arrange insurance that meets the distinct risk profile faced by the massage therapy industry.

What Insurance do I need as a massage therapist?

Whilst as a massage therapist, you have the ability to help rejuvenate your clients and relieve their stress and pain, it is just as important for your business to feel relaxed in knowing you are covered for certain risks. Working with so many clients with such a hands-on service produces a unique set of risks for your business. No matter how careful you are, accidents can occur and insurance can help shoulder the burden for these unexpected mishaps. As a massage therapist, generally two of the most crucial insurance solutions to consider are professional indemnity and public liability cover.



Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a massage therapist, you help a wide variety of clients relax and relieve their pain. However, particularly as you work closely with injured and sensitive parts of the body, regardless of how careful or professional you may be, accidents can happen that would put your business at risk of negligent business claims.

For example, if a client suffers an injury after their massage, whether this may be from inadvertently applying excessive pressure or unintentionally exacerbating a client’s pre-existing injury, a massage therapist could be liable for any subsequent medical expenses and legal fees as a result.

Professional indemnity insurance can help protect businesses from these types of claims, whether or not a business is at fault.

Public Liability Insurance 

No matter if you are a mobile massage therapist, own your own massage practice, or operate from home, there are a variety of risks that may occur as a result of negligent business activities. If a customer or third party claims that they were injured or their property was damaged whilst under your service, you could be liable for any medical, legal or damage expenses that occur as a result.

Imagine a client slips inside your massage practice as you accidentally forgot to clean up a spill of essential oils on the floor. As a result of these injuries, they are requesting compensation for the medical fees incurred and you may even need to pay legal fees to defend yourself.

Public liability insurance can give  peace of mind by seeking to protect businesses from these types of third party injuries and property damage claims. 

The claims examples on this website are for illustrative purposes only. The circumstances of a claim and the policy’s full terms, conditions and exclusions would determine coverage for a specific claim.



Massage styles we can help cover

Sports Massage

Remedial Massage

Myofascial release therapy

Swedish Massage


Shiatsu Massage


Thai Massage

Chinese Massage



Relieve the pressure, knowing you’re covered with Marsh 

Competitively priced insurance for Massage Therapists

Our team of insurance brokers, with specialty experience in the allied health sector, have negotiated competitive premiums for the industry.

Tailored specifically to the massage therapist industry

We arrange public liability and professional indemnity insurance that's been developed with the specific risk needs of the industry in mind.

Ongoing support and claims advocacy

In addition to obtaining quotations and placing your massage therapist insurance policy, we can also help manage, negotiate and settle claims with insurers on your behalf.

Massage Therapy Room with towels

Do massage therapists need insurance?

Given the intimate nature of massage therapy, there are unique risks that you may face in your line of work. Although you are the trusted expert in relieving stress, promoting relaxation and helping the overall wellness of your patients, accidents may nevertheless still occur. As a health professional, there is always the risk of potentially causing injury to clients or being accused of providing misleading advice which can cause some severe tension to your business. Having the right insurance for your industry’s distinct needs will allow you to relax and continue to care for your clients’ wellbeing.

Although there are no laws relating to mandatory insurance for massage therapists, private health funds often require therapists to have a professional indemnity policy in place before accepting them as an approved health fund provider. These insurance requirements may differ depending on the health fund. We recommend reviewing the fund's provider terms and conditions against a particular insurance policy before arranging professional indemnity cover for your business.

Additionally, if you are renting a premises for your massage therapist practice, the property owner may require you to produce a copy of your public liability certificate of currency before approving your lease or use of the property.



What should I look out for in massage therapist insurance?

Although the price of your insurance premium is an important factor to consider when choosing between different policies, it is also crucial that you look at other key features of your policy when carrying out a side-by-side comparison.

Insurance providers can base a policy’s premium on the risks they take on and having a high number of exclusions can reduce these risks, which should result in a lower premium. Hence, you should thoroughly assess the product disclosure statement in advance, to make sure that the cover you are considering is appropriate for your business’s individual needs.

Just as massage therapists require the right skills, techniques and products to relieve the pain of clients, having the right cover can help alleviate the pressure from risks your business may face.

Marsh can help you to negotiate competitive premium prices and insurance cover. Our team will work with insurance providers to arrange policies that are designed for the insurance needs and the risks of your industry.

What risks are massage therapists commonly exposed to?

While the risk exposures of each business can differ based on a variety of factors, some common examples of risk exposures specific to the massage therapist industry include:

  1. Injuring a client, or worsening a pre-existing injury through treatment
  2. Allegations by clients of incorrect advice that causes harm
  3. Unforeseen allergic reactions to products and/or treatments
  4. Allegations of inappropriate misconduct



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